There is a solution to every problem. But most often it is the problem you are not aware of. Let my solutions inspire you.

These applications are taken from real life. Most of them have once solved a problem for me, or still do. Some are also useful for many others. All are available for free.

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Automatic digital camera photo copier tool. It automates the task to copy, rename and convert image files from the camera’s memory card to the computer.

Interactive Farbeimer.netdevmediawindows★★★★★
An interactive realistic colour mixer for webdesigners, with a diverse display of colours in the RGB and HSL colour space.

tòmò web analyticsdbnetworkphpsrcweb★★★★
An embedded web analytics software to put right on your webspace, without a separate server. Through its intuitive query interface, you get real-time information about your visitors just the way you need.

.NET Revision Task for MSBuild.netdevfilessrc★★★★
Injects the current VCS revision of a working directory in a custom format into a .NET assembly build or just displays it.

Mini Web Compiler.netdevsrcwebwindows★★★★
Compiles JavaScript code and SCSS stylesheets for the web, in a simple and clean GUI for Windows.

.NET Revision Tool.netconsoledevfilessrcwindows★★★★
Injects the current VCS revision of a working directory in a custom format into a .NET assembly build or just displays it.

Hyper-V Switch.netdevsrcsystemwindows★★★★
A simple GUI to enable or disable Hyper-V without uninstallation, allowing the use of other virtualisation solutions.

Easy PDF signing.netfilessecsrcwindows★★★★
Easy digital signing of PDF documents without rebuilding them. Allows multiple signing.

ARLog: Amateur Radio Logbook.netdbwindows★★★
Amateur Radio Log for managing of QSOs and QSL cards. Straightforward usage through realtime filter views and direct editing. Including data analysis functions.

Executes single commands at a Windows command prompt with elevated privileges after a UAC confirmation, without starting the entire command prompt as administrator in advance.

SeeUnsharp .NET Obfuscator.netdevsec★★★
Protects the source code of .NET assemblies from decompilers and curious eyes. Renames types and members or seemingly removes all identifiers, hides and encodes all strings, redirects function calls and supports error analysis using FieldLog.

An application for graphical editing of OSD skins for the TV software DVBViewer. With preview and realtime data binding for easier layouting.

Converts files between different character encodings (ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8, ...) and line endings (Windows/Unix).

Installs and manages versions and platforms of the web development server for Visual Studio.

Flashes the console window entry in the taskbar and changes the integrated progress bar (Windows Vista+).

Unclassified NewsBoard forum softwaredbphpsocialsrcweb★★★
Complete web bulletin board system with easy usage, XMPP, Unicode, polls, avatars, attachments, multiple designs and languages and powerful access rights management.

A Mono.Cecil object model explorer that shows the object hierarchy that Cecil reads from a CIL (.NET) assembly.

Exports static methods in a managed DLL as library functions that can be called from an unmanaged Windows application.

Winamp Presenter.netmediawindows★★
Allows controlling Winamp playback with common presentation remotes, skipping to the previous/next track or pausing/resuming playback.

Jabber Roster Utility in PHPnetworkphpsrcweb★★
Web-based contact list management for Jabber accounts, written in PHP based on the model of JRU for Perl.

NetPorter: TCP port forwarder.netnetworksrcwindows★★
Simple port forwarder for multiple TCP/IP connections in situations where an IP router would be too bulky.

UNB Components (UNB2)dbphpsocialsrcweb★★
Redevelopment based on the model of UNB, with the aim to make forums more universal and to integrate them easier into existing web applications.

Converts a FreeMind XML document to a readable text document so that changes can easily be compared. Including pre-packaged Beyond Compare configuration.

Lists all data formats that are available in a drag&drop operation or the clipboard and shows their data contents. This lets you quickly “measure” the drag&drop behaviour of applications if in doubt.

Prints out the current Git revision info of a working directory and automatically writes it into your .NET project for the build.

Allows for free remapping of keys on Windows, separated for the entire system or the logged in user, persisting a computer restart.

Installer for a highly configurable Windows taskbar clock.

Prints out the current SVN revision info of a working directory and automatically writes it into your .NET project for the build.

Displays images on different paper sizes and provides information about aspect ratio, resolution and image quality, to quickly and easily try what printing quality a photo has on a certain paper format.

Installs or updates Git components on a developer computer.

Starts a console application on Windows without a visible console window.

Copies music files from an M3U playlist together in a new directory, optionally adapting the file names.

MySQL managerconsoledblinuxphpsrc
Command-line client for MySQL database and user administration (in PHP).

Telephone Ringtone Simulator.netmediasrcwindows
Lets your telephone ring even when nobody is calling. Freely selectable ring tones and call intervals.

Small console program that converts files to base64 encoding and back again. You can select the Windows clipboard directly as in- and output.

Overlays multiple images with adjustable weight into a single image. Thereby you can achieve an effect like multiple exposure of a photo film in analogue cameras.

Brings exclusively the white flat appearance of dropdown menus from the colourful XP Luna theme to the classic theme, without altering any other appearance.

Simple program to securely delete entire hard disks. This is especially recommended to remove all personal data from a disk before selling it.


38 items, ca. 118 510 lines of code, estimated development costs: 240 000 €