Installer for a highly configurable Windows taskbar clock.

T-Clock is not my work, I am only providing an easy to use installation package for it. The program developer only offers it as a collection of program files. It is a hard task for many unexperienced users to actually use the program and update it regularly. I believe that today it should be standard to offer an automatic setup of a program for end users on a computer. The purpose of this page is to offer such a solution.

Since I manually create the installation packages and only know about new releases from the built-in update notification, it usually takes a few days for the latest version to be available here.

Please direct any support requests about the program itself directly to the developer. I only unofficially maintain the installation process.

Compatibility: Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP 64 bit


After installation, T-Clock can be updated at any time by calling a newer installation package. Uninstallation is done as usual through control panel/settings in Windows.

If you have manually installed T-Clock before, please first remove any files and shortcuts again before using this installation package, or you might end up running two T-Clock instances at the same time.

T-Clock-Setup- MiBInstallation package, version

master.zipLatest source code directly from GitHub

Setup.iss2.3 KiBInno Setup script to create the installation package from the T-Clock_static archive

Previous versions

You can also head over to GitHub to download any previous revision or check the issue tracker:

T-Clock repository on GitHub