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Stack Overflow.netc#communitydbjavascriptphpwebwindows★★★★★★
Questions community around programming, for all programming languages and environments. With Stack Exchange, there are further sister sites targeting server administrators, power-users or other interest groups.

Debug same objects and track out-of-scope objects.netlearn★★★★★
Explains how to determine identical (not just equal) objects in the Visual Studio debugger, and to view them anytime later. Very helpful basic knowledge of the debugger that isn’t very widespread yet.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)javascriptlearnrefweb★★★★★
Documentation wiki of the Mozilla Foundation that handles all topics of web development as well as Mozilla applications.

Process Hacker task managertoolwindows★★★★★
Feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. Set up as a more powerful alternative to Sysinternals Process Explorer.

The absolute minimum to know about Unicode and character setsencodinglearn★★★★★
Precise knowledge of Unicode and character enodings in general are a must. Today even more than 2003 when Joel Spolsky published his basic introduction on that topic.

7-Zip file compressiontool★★★★
The best compression tool: 7z archives are often smaller than ZIP or BZip2. This freeware program also unpacks many other widespread archive formats.

Beyond Comparetool★★★★
Compare files and folders, merge changes, synchronise files. Directly access FTP sites, compressed archive files, and other awesome features. The must-have tool for comparing and merging any kind of changes. Can be fully integrated in TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN.

C# Razor Syntax Quick Reference.netc#refweb★★★★

Font Awesome: Iconic fontmediatypo★★★★
If not used as webfont, it can serve as source for scalable icons for every UI occasion.

Heise online Newsnews★★★★
Populärer Nachrichtenticker des Heise-Verlags mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Informations- und Telekommunikationstechnik, aber auch angrenzende Gebiete und gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen dieser Technologien.

ILSpy open-source .NET decompiler.netcompilertool★★★★
Open source .NET assembly browser and decompiler that shall replace the retired free version of the famous .NET Reflector.

PHP manualphprefweb★★★★
Official documentation of the PHP scripting language with all extensions and comments from readers that sometimes provide useful tips or code examples. (Also for download)

Eine im deutschsprachigen Raum populäre Einführung in das Feld der Web-Entwicklung. Nachschlagewerk zu Themen wie HTML, CSS und JavaScript. (Auch zum Download)

WPF SystemColors Reference.netc#mediarefwindows★★★★
A handy reference of all system colours available in WPF, with an explanation how to set them and where they are used.

HxD hex editortool★★★★
Freeware hex editor and disk editor with many editing features, also available as portable edition.

Index of the Windows CMD command line (SS64)refwindows★★★★

JetBrains dotPeek .NET decompiler.netcompilertool★★★★
Free-of-charge .NET decompiler and assembly browser that replaces the retired free version of the famous .NET Reflector.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).netc#refwindows★★★★
The complete documentation library of Microsoft technologies.

Paint.NET image editormediatool★★★★
Free, comprehensive and easy to use image editing for Windows.

Rheinwerk – <openbook>.netc#javascriptlearnphpwebwindows★★★★
Current IT specialist books from Rheinwerk (formerly Galileo Press) in HTML format for online reading or download. Covers topics like Linux, Windows, C#, Java, Office applications, other programming languages and selected programs.

Usability Post Weblogusability★★★★
Weblog on usability topics, at times a bit Apple-biased, but usually with quite interesting ideas and useful hints.

Clean Up Your Mess – A guide to visual design for everyonelearnusability★★★★
This guide will show you how to create designs that are easy to understand and attractive. About what is clean design and with examples how not to do it.

Flat UI and Formslearnusability★★★★
An article about how many forms that employ a flat UI style fail at usability, and how this can be easily fixed.

Font Squirrel: 100% free fonts for commercial usemediatypo★★★★

Golem Newsnews★★★★
Richtet sich mit tagesaktuellen Meldungen rund um Computer- und Telekommunikationstechnik an diejenigen, die in Ausbildung und Berufsleben viel mit Computern zu tun haben.

Good Usability (Weblog)usability★★★★
Weblog about usability topics.

IrfanView image viewermediatool★★★★
Image viewer for about all common image and multimedia formats.

mozillaZine Forumscommunityweb★★★★
Discussion forum about Mozilla applications, extensions, development and websites.

Netcat for Windowstool★★★★
Probably the best-known tool for IP communication, for Windows.

PixelGlyph: 200 icons designed for your mobile appsmedia★★★★
These icons are perfect for you iOS toolbars and tab bars, your Android app, websites, t-shirts, tattoos... anything you want to use then for. (16 and 48 pixel PNGs are free, EPS and Ai available commercially.)

A powerful visual tool for helping you construct and test .NET Regular Expressions. Interaktives Testen von regulären Ausdrücken, mit Textersetzung, -trennung und Code-Generierung für C# und VB.NET.

Security Corner: Cross-Site Request Forgerieslearnsecweb★★★★
An explanation of the dangerous CSRF phenomenon that every web developer should be aware of.

Visualises directory and file sizes on a disk with a treemap. Lets you zoom into subdirectories and highlight certain file types.

The Best Code is No Code At Allcode★★★★
Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Exchange and Discourse, on how practical brevity is the first important dimension in writing code.

Typefacts – Typografie verstehenmediatypo★★★★

Understanding ASP.NET Routing.netlearnweb★★★★

WinSCP SFTP and FTP clientsectool★★★★
Graphical open-source SFTP and FTP client for Windows with the practical two-column layout.

Weblog about new trends and technologies in the areas of CPUs, mainboards, SSD/HDD, GPU and related topics. Anand occasionally also receives production samples of new devices for testing and blogging on them.

C# Yellow Book.netc#learn★★★
This book is used by the University of Hull (England) as the basis of the First Year programming course. It teaches the basics of programming with C#.

Entypo Pictogram Suitemedia★★★
A set of 250+ carefully crafted pictograms. Contains an icon font (OpenType, TrueType and Web), EPS, PDF and PSD files. All released for free under the license CC BY-SA 3.0.

An icon search engine helps you find free icons. Contains the largest searchable free icons database, with a sophisticated search filtering and result matching system that makes it possible for you to get an icon you need for every design task.

A free icons download website that aims to provide visitors with latest and wide variety of icons resources such as free icons, stock icons, custom Icon Design, useful tips, tutorials and much more.

Freepik, free vectors, photos and PSD downloadsmedia★★★
Freepik helps you to find free photos, ilustrations, PSD and vectors for using in websites, banners, presentations, magazines and advertising.

Google (Web) Fontstypoweb★★★
Here are many free fonts for use on websites.

Open Clip Art Librarymedia★★★
The largest collaborative community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free with no restrictions.

Eine Plattform für kreative und lizenzfreie Stockfotografie. Photocase richtet sich an Fotosuchende, die ästhetische Fotos für ihre tägliche, kreative Arbeit benötigen und an Fotografen, die ihre Werke verkaufen möchten.

Programmieren in C#: Einführung.netc#learn★★★

quirksmode Browser compatibilityjavascriptrefweb★★★
Comprehensive source for information about different browsers’ compatibility with CSS, JavaScript and W3C standards.

Rich Snippets Testing Tool (Google Webmaster Tools)toolweb★★★
Reads all kinds of metadata from a web page and displays it. With this, a webmaster can check the readability of his markup. Their documentation describes several “rich snippets” formats such as schema.org or microformats.

SQLite syntax documentationdbref★★★
Official documentation of the SQLite SQL syntax. Additional information is there in the Documentation section and in the wiki.

Sysinternals Freewaretool★★★
Advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows internals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ten Usability Heuristicslearnusability★★★
Ten general rules for the design of usable interfaces.

Threading in C#.netc#learnperf★★★
An extensive article on multithreading in C#. This tackles difficult issues such as thread safety, when to use Abort, Wait Handles vs. Wait and Pulse, the implications of Apartment Threading in Windows Forms, using Thread Pooling, Synchronization Contexts, Memory Barriers and non-blocking synchronization constructs.

UX Booth: User experience, usability, interaction designusability★★★
A publication by and for the User Experience Community.

Web Fundamentalslearnweb★★★
Best practices for modern web development, by Google. A comprehensive resource for multi-device web development.

A successor to the Open Clip Art Library that seems to have been offline for some time. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free with no restrictions.

Inno Setuptool★★★
A free installer for Windows programs. Today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability. I use it for all my setup packages. Supported by my PowerShell build framework.

JavaScript: Prototypal Inheritancejavascriptlearn★★★

MSDN Forums.netc#communitydbwebwindows★★★
Discussion forum about software development with Microsoft technologies like .NET and Windows.

Panik! Wie komm ich jetzt an meine Website?funweb★★★
Amüsanter Forenbeitrag zum Heise-Artikel „Google warnt bei allen Suchtreffern vor Malware“ aus dem Januar 2009.

Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5learnphp★★★

RealWorld Icon Editormediatool★★★
A complete solution for icon editing.

RegEx Studio.netlearntool★★★
Test tool for interactive writing and editing of regular expressions for the .NET environment. Shows the results in all details and easy to understand.

Telekommunikations-Nachrichtenmagazin im Internet, das neben Tipps zum billigeren Telefonieren im In- und Ausland vor allem aktuelle, verbraucherorientierte Nachrichten aus allen Bereichen der Telekommunikation herausgibt. Angeschlossen sind Tarif-Datenbanken mit den deutschen Festnetz-, Mobilfunk- und Internettarifen.

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle.netc#codesec★★★
Cryptography library for .NET, including APIs for OpenPGP, TLS, X.509, PKCS#12 and RSA.

TrueCrypt encryptionsectool★★★
Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

We Love Icon Fontsmediatypo★★★
This is a free & open source icon fonts hosting service (like Google Web Fonts, but icon fonts only). Hurray!

220+ High Resolution Wood Texturesmedia★★★
Offers more than 220 beautiful, high resolution wood texture images.

ANSI VT100 Terminal Control Escape Sequencesencodingref★★★

Allgemeines Forum zu Programmierfragen, mit Kategorien für diverse Programmiersprachen und Umgebungen.

Design Freebies: Resources for the modern designermedia★★★
Provides graphics, vectors, icons, textures or complete website designs for free use.

Endless Icons & Iconmonstr: free PNG iconsmedia★★★
Loads of free PNG icons, and growing fast.

Merkaartor OpenStreetMap editormediatool★★★
Very easy and intuitive OpenStreetMap maps editor.

Diskussionsforum für alle Themen rund um die Programmiersprache C# und das .NET-Framework.

MySQL documentationdbref★★★
Official documentation of the MySQL database server, with SQL reference and comments from readers. (Also for download)

PHP Benchmark testsperfphpweb★★★
Compares different ways to express the same things in PHP regarding their performance.

RealWorld Paintmediatool★★★
Draw pictures, retouch photos, animate GIFs.

„News for nerds. Stuff that matters.“ Hier bekommen die richtigen Geeks ihr Futter. ;-) Mischung aus web-basiertem Nachrichtenticker und Weblog, ausgerichtet auf technische Neuigkeiten. Der Inhalt besteht größtenteils aus Zusammenfassungen anderer Webseiten und Verweisen dorthin, das Publikum besteht im Kern aus Verfechtern freier Software.

Test IPv6tool★★★
Test your IPv6 connectivity. This website performs several tests to tell you about the IPv6 compatibility of your computer.

The Code Projectcodecommunity★★★
Free source code and tutorials around programming and other software topics.

UnxUtils Unix tools for Windowstool★★★
GNU utilities for Win32: Many of the programs known from Linux like ls, cat or grep are also available for Windows and extend the possibilities of batch scripts.

Vista UAC: The Definitive Guidelearnsecwindows★★★
This Code Project article explains in all detail how, as a developer, to handle User Account Control (UAC) win Windows Vista/7.

Apache web server documentationrefweb★★
Official documentation of the Apache web server.

Forum für Administration, Aufbau und Einsatz von sozialer Software (Foren, CMS, Weblogs) und über Webseiten-Entwicklung.

Täglich aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Computerbranche, detaillierte Produkttests, öffentliches Diskussionsforum mit Leserartikeln, Live-Berichte von internationalen Großereignissen.

CPU-Z system informationtool★★
Processor and system information: Tells exactly about the details of processor, system bus, memory, mainboard etc.

Introduction to Dependency Injectionlearn★★
What Dependency Injection (DI) is, what it’s good for and how it’s used.

Shutdown scheduler with support for standby, hibernate, Wake-on-LAN and other features. Can be used automatically through command line arguments.

Premiumbeat: Royalty Free Music & Sound Effectsmedia★★
Provides high quality Royalty Free Music for all new and traditional media, including websites, online videos, slide shows, DVDs and CD-ROMs, television, radio, films, etc.

RealWorld Cursor Editormediatool★★
A complete solution for mouse cursor editing, including animated cursors.

Texts Rasterization Exposureslearnmediatypo★★
A comprehensive and informative article about the subtleties of text rendering on a raster screen and different implementations.

WPF Control Styles and Templates.netcoderefwindows★★
Describes the standard templates and styles of all WPF controls. You can look up how a UI element is implemented to create something similar yourself.

25 Kostenlose Holz-Texturenmedia★★
Enthält 25 außergewöhnliche Holztexturen zum kostenlosen Download.

Add multiple icons to a .NET application.nettoolwindows★★
A tool program that inserts additional icons to an application after the build. These icons are Win32 resources and thus e. g. available for file associations. Used in FieldLogViewer and TxEditor.

Extensive XMPP library for .NET, comes with source code.

Eine Portion Icon-Sets, bitte. Mit allem…media★★
Flaggen-Icons, Business-Icons, Office Space, Russische Icons uvm. (via Dr. Web)

Find Your Perfect Match: Collection of Free Thematic Social Icons Setsmedia★★

GPU-Z GPU informationtool★★
Lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Mouse Gesture in .NET Windows Applications.netlearnusability★★
This article explains how you can add mouse gesture support to .NET Windows applications.

Punycode - Umlaute und Sonderzeichen in Domainnamenencodinglearnweb★★
Wie Domainnamen mit Sonderzeichen kodiert werden, von heise online

SQL-92 standarddbref★★
The complete SQL 92 standard for reference. This document should be the basis for most of today’s SQL database systems.

The Genghis Project.netcode★★
A set of extensions built on top of .NET and integrated with WinForms.

Unicode – Characters, Categories, Blocksencodingref★★

Berichtet über Microsoft Windows und verwandte Themen.

ECMA-335 Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), pt 1-4.netcompilerref★★

World internet country map, colour, HTML, CSS, JavaScript reference charts.

.NET BlogBook.netref
„Das .NET BlogBook stellt DAS offline Nachschlagewerk für Sie als praxisorientierter .NET-Entwickler dar. Erprobte Lösungen sind in einfach verständlicher Form aufbereitet und werden anhand simpler Anwendungsbeispiele näher gebracht. Zusätzlich finden sich jede Menge theoretischer Erklärungen in einfacher Sprache. Es geht jedoch auch an vielen Stellen tief unter die Haube, jedoch selbst hier, wurde Augenmerk auf verständliche Formulierungen gelegt.“

RTF specification by Microsoftref
The official Microsoft specification of the Rich Text Format which can be used with Microsoft Office as well as the RichTextBox control in .NET applications.

W3C CSS 2.1 Specificationrefweb
The official CSS specification.

Seit 1985 bestehendes Untergrund-Magazin im Internet, das v. a. Themen der IT-Sicherheit und des Hackens behandelt und zu den bedeutendsten Magazinen der Hacker-Szene zählt.


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