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Every now and then while researching or on other occasions, I come across interesting websites that offer special utilities or explain certain topics. I won’t keep them back from you, so they’re published on this page.

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Debug same objects and track out-of-scope objects.netlearn★★★★★
Explains how to determine identical (not just equal) objects in the Visual Studio debugger, and to view them anytime later. Very helpful basic knowledge of the debugger that isn’t very widespread yet.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)javascriptlearnrefweb★★★★★
Documentation wiki of the Mozilla Foundation that handles all topics of web development as well as Mozilla applications.

The absolute minimum to know about Unicode and character setsencodinglearn★★★★★
Precise knowledge of Unicode and character enodings in general are a must. Today even more than 2003 when Joel Spolsky published his basic introduction on that topic.

Eine im deutschsprachigen Raum populäre Einführung in das Feld der Web-Entwicklung. Nachschlagewerk zu Themen wie HTML, CSS und JavaScript. (Auch zum Download)

Rheinwerk – <openbook>.netc#javascriptlearnphpwebwindows★★★★
Current IT specialist books from Rheinwerk (formerly Galileo Press) in HTML format for online reading or download. Covers topics like Linux, Windows, C#, Java, Office applications, other programming languages and selected programs.

Clean Up Your Mess – A guide to visual design for everyonelearnusability★★★★
This guide will show you how to create designs that are easy to understand and attractive. About what is clean design and with examples how not to do it.

Flat UI and Formslearnusability★★★★
An article about how many forms that employ a flat UI style fail at usability, and how this can be easily fixed.

A powerful visual tool for helping you construct and test .NET Regular Expressions. Interaktives Testen von regulären Ausdrücken, mit Textersetzung, -trennung und Code-Generierung für C# und VB.NET.

Security Corner: Cross-Site Request Forgerieslearnsecweb★★★★
An explanation of the dangerous CSRF phenomenon that every web developer should be aware of.

Understanding ASP.NET Routing.netlearnweb★★★★

C# Yellow Book.netc#learn★★★
This book is used by the University of Hull (England) as the basis of the First Year programming course. It teaches the basics of programming with C#.

Programmieren in C#: Einführung.netc#learn★★★

Ten Usability Heuristicslearnusability★★★
Ten general rules for the design of usable interfaces.

Threading in C#.netc#learnperf★★★
An extensive article on multithreading in C#. This tackles difficult issues such as thread safety, when to use Abort, Wait Handles vs. Wait and Pulse, the implications of Apartment Threading in Windows Forms, using Thread Pooling, Synchronization Contexts, Memory Barriers and non-blocking synchronization constructs.

Web Fundamentalslearnweb★★★
Best practices for modern web development, by Google. A comprehensive resource for multi-device web development.

JavaScript: Prototypal Inheritancejavascriptlearn★★★

Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5learnphp★★★

RegEx Studio.netlearntool★★★
Test tool for interactive writing and editing of regular expressions for the .NET environment. Shows the results in all details and easy to understand.

Vista UAC: The Definitive Guidelearnsecwindows★★★
This Code Project article explains in all detail how, as a developer, to handle User Account Control (UAC) win Windows Vista/7.

Introduction to Dependency Injectionlearn★★
What Dependency Injection (DI) is, what it’s good for and how it’s used.

Texts Rasterization Exposureslearnmediatypo★★
A comprehensive and informative article about the subtleties of text rendering on a raster screen and different implementations.

Mouse Gesture in .NET Windows Applications.netlearnusability★★
This article explains how you can add mouse gesture support to .NET Windows applications.

Punycode - Umlaute und Sonderzeichen in Domainnamenencodinglearnweb★★
Wie Domainnamen mit Sonderzeichen kodiert werden, von heise online


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