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Recently Updated

FieldLogc#classdataA month ago
Fast and comprehensive logging tool for .NET applications. Designed for high-performance, storage-efficient, always-on logging and comes with a useful log viewer application.

ARLog: Amateur Radio Logbook.netdbwindows2 months ago
Amateur Radio Log for managing of QSOs and QSL cards. Straightforward usage through realtime filter views and direct editing. Including data analysis functions.

SeeUnsharp .NET Obfuscator.netdevsec2 months ago
Protects the source code of .NET assemblies from decompilers and curious eyes. Renames types and members or seemingly removes all identifiers, hides and encodes all strings, redirects function calls and supports error analysis using FieldLog.

.NET Revision Tool.netconsoledevfilessrcwindows4 months ago
Injects the current VCS revision of a working directory in a custom format into a .NET assembly build or just displays it.

Photocopier.netmediawindows4 months ago
Automatic digital camera photo copier tool. It automates the task to copy, rename and convert image files from the camera’s memory card to the computer.

Visual Studio 2015 configurationcodeconfig5 months ago
My personal extension recommendations and prepared settings of text formatting, code clean-up, and UI layout for a productive work environment.

Mono.Cecil.Explorer.netdevfilessrcwindows7 months ago
A Mono.Cecil object model explorer that shows the object hierarchy that Cecil reads from a CIL (.NET) assembly.

DelegateCommand classc#classwpf7 months ago
Simplifies commands for ViewModels by the MVVM pattern. Provides an ICommand implementation which relays the Execute and CanExecute method to the specified delegates.

T-Clock-Setupsystemwindows7 months ago
Installer for a highly configurable Windows taskbar clock.

ViewModelKit.Fodyc#classwpf7 months ago
Makes WPF ViewModel classes smart by default. Implements INotifyPropertyChanged and DelegateCommands for auto properties, recognises dependent properties, connects property changed handlers.