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Every now and then while researching or on other occasions, I come across interesting websites that offer special utilities or explain certain topics. I won’t keep them back from you, so they’re published on this page.

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Should you encounter a broken link, please let me know! Even though I use this list myself, I cannot check everything all the time.

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Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)javascriptlearnrefweb★★★★★
Documentation wiki of the Mozilla Foundation that handles all topics of web development as well as Mozilla applications.

C# Razor Syntax Quick Reference.netc#refweb★★★★

PHP manualphprefweb★★★★
Official documentation of the PHP scripting language with all extensions and comments from readers that sometimes provide useful tips or code examples. (Also for download)

Eine im deutschsprachigen Raum populäre Einführung in das Feld der Web-Entwicklung. Nachschlagewerk zu Themen wie HTML, CSS und JavaScript. (Auch zum Download)

WPF SystemColors Reference.netc#mediarefwindows★★★★
A handy reference of all system colours available in WPF, with an explanation how to set them and where they are used.

Index of the Windows CMD command line (SS64)refwindows★★★★

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).netc#refwindows★★★★
The complete documentation library of Microsoft technologies.

quirksmode Browser compatibilityjavascriptrefweb★★★
Comprehensive source for information about different browsers’ compatibility with CSS, JavaScript and W3C standards.

SQLite syntax documentationdbref★★★
Official documentation of the SQLite SQL syntax. Additional information is there in the Documentation section and in the wiki.

ANSI VT100 Terminal Control Escape Sequencesencodingref★★★

MySQL documentationdbref★★★
Official documentation of the MySQL database server, with SQL reference and comments from readers. (Also for download)

Apache web server documentationrefweb★★
Official documentation of the Apache web server.

WPF Control Styles and Templates.netcoderefwindows★★
Describes the standard templates and styles of all WPF controls. You can look up how a UI element is implemented to create something similar yourself.

SQL-92 standarddbref★★
The complete SQL 92 standard for reference. This document should be the basis for most of today’s SQL database systems.

Unicode – Characters, Categories, Blocksencodingref★★

ECMA-335 Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), pt 1-4.netcompilerref★★

World internet country map, colour, HTML, CSS, JavaScript reference charts.

.NET BlogBook.netref
„Das .NET BlogBook stellt DAS offline Nachschlagewerk für Sie als praxisorientierter .NET-Entwickler dar. Erprobte Lösungen sind in einfach verständlicher Form aufbereitet und werden anhand simpler Anwendungsbeispiele näher gebracht. Zusätzlich finden sich jede Menge theoretischer Erklärungen in einfacher Sprache. Es geht jedoch auch an vielen Stellen tief unter die Haube, jedoch selbst hier, wurde Augenmerk auf verständliche Formulierungen gelegt.“

RTF specification by Microsoftref
The official Microsoft specification of the Rich Text Format which can be used with Microsoft Office as well as the RichTextBox control in .NET applications.

W3C CSS 2.1 Specificationrefweb
The official CSS specification.


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