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Every now and then while researching or on other occasions, I come across interesting websites that offer special utilities or explain certain topics. I won’t keep them back from you, so they’re published on this page.

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Should you encounter a broken link, please let me know! Even though I use this list myself, I cannot check everything all the time.

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Process Hacker task managertoolwindows★★★★★
Feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. Set up as a more powerful alternative to Sysinternals Process Explorer.

7-Zip file compressiontool★★★★
The best compression tool: 7z archives are often smaller than ZIP or BZip2. This freeware program also unpacks many other widespread archive formats.

Beyond Comparetool★★★★
Compare files and folders, merge changes, synchronise files. Directly access FTP sites, compressed archive files, and other awesome features. The must-have tool for comparing and merging any kind of changes. Can be fully integrated in TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN.

ILSpy open-source .NET decompiler.netcompilertool★★★★
Open source .NET assembly browser and decompiler that shall replace the retired free version of the famous .NET Reflector.

HxD hex editortool★★★★
Freeware hex editor and disk editor with many editing features, also available as portable edition.

JetBrains dotPeek .NET decompiler.netcompilertool★★★★
Free-of-charge .NET decompiler and assembly browser that replaces the retired free version of the famous .NET Reflector.

Paint.NET image editormediatool★★★★
Free, comprehensive and easy to use image editing for Windows.

IrfanView image viewermediatool★★★★
Image viewer for about all common image and multimedia formats.

Netcat for Windowstool★★★★
Probably the best-known tool for IP communication, for Windows.

A powerful visual tool for helping you construct and test .NET Regular Expressions. Interaktives Testen von regulären Ausdrücken, mit Textersetzung, -trennung und Code-Generierung für C# und VB.NET.

Visualises directory and file sizes on a disk with a treemap. Lets you zoom into subdirectories and highlight certain file types.

WinSCP SFTP and FTP clientsectool★★★★
Graphical open-source SFTP and FTP client for Windows with the practical two-column layout.

Rich Snippets Testing Tool (Google Webmaster Tools)toolweb★★★
Reads all kinds of metadata from a web page and displays it. With this, a webmaster can check the readability of his markup. Their documentation describes several “rich snippets” formats such as schema.org or microformats.

Sysinternals Freewaretool★★★
Advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows internals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Inno Setuptool★★★
A free installer for Windows programs. Today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability. I use it for all my setup packages. Supported by my PowerShell build framework.

RealWorld Icon Editormediatool★★★
A complete solution for icon editing.

RegEx Studio.netlearntool★★★
Test tool for interactive writing and editing of regular expressions for the .NET environment. Shows the results in all details and easy to understand.

TrueCrypt encryptionsectool★★★
Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Merkaartor OpenStreetMap editormediatool★★★
Very easy and intuitive OpenStreetMap maps editor.

RealWorld Paintmediatool★★★
Draw pictures, retouch photos, animate GIFs.

Test IPv6tool★★★
Test your IPv6 connectivity. This website performs several tests to tell you about the IPv6 compatibility of your computer.

UnxUtils Unix tools for Windowstool★★★
GNU utilities for Win32: Many of the programs known from Linux like ls, cat or grep are also available for Windows and extend the possibilities of batch scripts.

CPU-Z system informationtool★★
Processor and system information: Tells exactly about the details of processor, system bus, memory, mainboard etc.

Shutdown scheduler with support for standby, hibernate, Wake-on-LAN and other features. Can be used automatically through command line arguments.

RealWorld Cursor Editormediatool★★
A complete solution for mouse cursor editing, including animated cursors.

Add multiple icons to a .NET application.nettoolwindows★★
A tool program that inserts additional icons to an application after the build. These icons are Win32 resources and thus e. g. available for file associations. Used in FieldLogViewer and TxEditor.

GPU-Z GPU informationtool★★
Lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.


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