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Every now and then while researching or on other occasions, I come across interesting websites that offer special utilities or explain certain topics. I won’t keep them back from you, so they’re published on this page.

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Should you encounter a broken link, please let me know! Even though I use this list myself, I cannot check everything all the time.

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Stack Overflow.netc#communitydbjavascriptphpwebwindows★★★★★★
Questions community around programming, for all programming languages and environments. With Stack Exchange, there are further sister sites targeting server administrators, power-users or other interest groups.

Process Hacker task managertoolwindows★★★★★
Feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. Set up as a more powerful alternative to Sysinternals Process Explorer.

WPF SystemColors Reference.netc#mediarefwindows★★★★
A handy reference of all system colours available in WPF, with an explanation how to set them and where they are used.

Index of the Windows CMD command line (SS64)refwindows★★★★

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).netc#refwindows★★★★
The complete documentation library of Microsoft technologies.

Rheinwerk – <openbook>.netc#javascriptlearnphpwebwindows★★★★
Current IT specialist books from Rheinwerk (formerly Galileo Press) in HTML format for online reading or download. Covers topics like Linux, Windows, C#, Java, Office applications, other programming languages and selected programs.

MSDN Forums.netc#communitydbwebwindows★★★
Discussion forum about software development with Microsoft technologies like .NET and Windows.

Vista UAC: The Definitive Guidelearnsecwindows★★★
This Code Project article explains in all detail how, as a developer, to handle User Account Control (UAC) win Windows Vista/7.

WPF Control Styles and Templates.netcoderefwindows★★
Describes the standard templates and styles of all WPF controls. You can look up how a UI element is implemented to create something similar yourself.

Add multiple icons to a .NET application.nettoolwindows★★
A tool program that inserts additional icons to an application after the build. These icons are Win32 resources and thus e. g. available for file associations. Used in FieldLogViewer and TxEditor.

Berichtet über Microsoft Windows und verwandte Themen.


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