tòmò web analytics

An embedded web analytics software to put right on your webspace, without a separate server. Through its intuitive query interface, you get real-time information about your visitors just the way you need.

  • Curious who your website visitors are?
  • Concerned about Google Analytics’ data privacy?
  • Annoyed with Piwik’s limited analytic capabilities?
  • Then tòmò is for you!
  • Sweet and simple, it will tell you anything you want to know.

Further information, downloads and documentation are available on the separate project website.

What is tòmò?

tòmò is an embedded web analytics software. That means that you do not need to set up a separate server or configure sites and accounts. Just put it somewhere on your webspace, add a bit of HTML (or PHP/Python/…) code to your existing page and you’re done. tòmò will automatically track all visits and follow your visitors around, recording what they look at and do.

Through its intuitive query interface, you get real-time information about your visitors just the way you need. What pages are most popular? What languages do your visitors prefer? What browser window space and plug-ins can you design with? What countries or regions do your visitors come from and who sends them to you? How is your latest advertising campaign going and how long does it keep visitors on your site? How quickly loads your page and how many visitors use IPv6? From these questions, you can continue with individual queries to get all the statistics you can think of.

What is tòmò not?

tòmò is not a simple web counter like those you know from the 90s. It’s a lot more intelligent than that.

And tòmò is not an enterprise solution. It cannot handle multiple domains well and it does not support multiple sites or accounts at all. The analytics interface is just for a single user. You will not be able to run a public tòmò server and offer its services to other web sites.

tòmò is also no complete usability study tool. It may give you hints about what your visitors do on your site and how well they can do it, but there are other solutions for in-depth web usability analysis.

tòmò does not come with a guarantee for 100% exact results. But so does no other web analytics solution. That is simply due to the highly heterogeneous landscape of browsers, devices and users. Visits may be missed, countries may be detected wrong and sessions or clicks may contain faulty requests. But the large majority of results is quite precise of course. In extensive comparing tests, I found tòmò to be more accurate than Piwik 1.6 which sometimes missed or made up visitors or did not know as much. Especially country detection is not perfect in both, but still better in tòmò. And you know, statistics only works for large numbers.

Compatibility: PHP Version 5.3+

Licence and terms of use

This software is released under the terms of the GNU GPL licence, version 3. You can find the detailed terms and conditions in the download or on the GNU website.

Statistic data

  • Created on 2011-10-15, updated on 2014-05-02.
  • Ca. 12 100 lines of code, estimated development costs: 12 000 - 48 000 €