There is a solution to every problem. But most often it is the problem you are not aware of. Let my solutions inspire you.

These applications are taken from real life. Most of them have once solved a problem for me, or still do. Some are also useful for many others. All are available for free.

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.NET Revision Tool.netconsoledevfilessrcwindows★★★★
Injects the current VCS revision of a working directory in a custom format into a .NET assembly build or just displays it.

Executes single commands at a Windows command prompt with elevated privileges after a UAC confirmation, without starting the entire command prompt as administrator in advance.

Flashes the console window entry in the taskbar and changes the integrated progress bar (Windows Vista+).

Exports static methods in a managed DLL as library functions that can be called from an unmanaged Windows application.

Converts a FreeMind XML document to a readable text document so that changes can easily be compared. Including pre-packaged Beyond Compare configuration.

Prints out the current Git revision info of a working directory and automatically writes it into your .NET project for the build.

Prints out the current SVN revision info of a working directory and automatically writes it into your .NET project for the build.

MySQL managerconsoledblinuxphpsrc
Command-line client for MySQL database and user administration (in PHP).

Small console program that converts files to base64 encoding and back again. You can select the Windows clipboard directly as in- and output.

Simple program to securely delete entire hard disks. This is especially recommended to remove all personal data from a disk before selling it.


10 items, ca. 6 860 lines of code, estimated development costs: 14 000 €