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This is the hub for code snippets, useful functions, classes and components that have proven useful in many applications and can make repeating tasks a lot easier.

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ValidatingTextBox controlc#classguiwinforms★★★★
Pimped up TextBox with input validation features and support for common hotkeys for text editing.

ProgressSpinner controlc#classguiwinforms★★★★
Graphical animated display of an activity and progress indicator, in a single control.

coati JavaScript libraryasyncguijavascript★★★★
All-in-one JavaScript library for all useful functions on a web page. DOM access with events, AJAX, animations, colour maths and more complex UI effects like for images presentation.

ColorButton controlc#classguimediawinforms★★★★
A button that displays a colour field instead of a text label. It allows selecting a colour from multiple graphic displays in a drop-down view.

ColorSelector controlc#classguimediawinforms★★★★
Selection of a colour from a pallette or by adjusting the RGB and HSL components with several graphical displays.

ColorWheel controlc#classguimediawinforms★★★★
Selection of a colour using a colour wheel, an intuitive graphical visualisation of the HSL colour space, as known from Paint Shop Pro.

InfoLabel controlc#classguiwinforms★★★
Displays highlighted clickable text messages with an icon in a window on which the user can perform some action or open a menu with further options.

MouseFilter componentc#classgui★★★
Provides methods to change the mouse behaviour in applications.

SeparatorLabel controlc#classguiwinforms★★
Combines a Label with a horizontal line, to be used as separator and caption. That looks more simple than a GroupBox with a surrounding border.

ColorFader controlc#classguimediawinforms★★
Selection of a blend colour between two specified colours or of a colour hue with graphical display.

Line controlc#classguiwinforms★★
Displays simple lines in a window just like good old VB6’s Line control (and later WPF’s Line shape), also with dashed or 3D style.

Shows a shell BrowseForFolder dialog box with an initial path set.


12 items, ca. 5 270 lines of code, estimated development costs: 11 000 €