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This is the hub for code snippets, useful functions, classes and components that have proven useful in many applications and can make repeating tasks a lot easier.

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Simple yet powerful translation and localisation library for .NET applications. Supports XAML binding, language fallbacks, count-specific translations, placeholders, and number and time formatting.

Natural sorting of stringsc#classdata★★★★★★
Sorts strings that contain numbers, not character-wise (lexical) but regarding the numeric value: “a1” < “a2” < “a10” < “a11” < “a20”

Fast and comprehensive logging tool for .NET applications. Designed for high-performance, storage-efficient, always-on logging and comes with a useful log viewer application.

MultiSelectTreeView controlc#classdatawpf★★★★★
A WPF TreeView control with support for multiple selection.

SettingsAdapterFactory classc#classdatareflectionxml★★★★
Generates a dynamic implementation of an interface with properties that binds to a settings store and implements INotifyPropertyChanged.

EasyXml classc#classdataxml★★★★
Simple read and write access to XML documents through XPath expressions. Automatically creates missing XML elements when writing with XPath.

CollectionDictionary classc#classdata★★★
A Dictionary implementation that stores multiple values for each key.

ObservableCollectionAdapter classc#classdatawpf★★
Adapts an ObservableCollection of a type for use as an ObservableCollection of a base type where covariance doesn’t work.

PalmDatebook classc#classdatainterop
Reads the calendar database of the Palm Desktop application.


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