CollectionDictionary class

A Dictionary implementation that stores multiple values for each key.

The Dictionary class is one of the most-used data structures in .NET applications. It allows you to store a single value for every key. This 1:1 mapping is often sufficient. But sometimes you need to keep multiple values for a key. This is what the simple CollectionDictionary class does. It directly inherits from Dictionary<TKey, ICollection<TValue>> and adds methods to handle multi-value entries. Since no methods are overridden or hidden, the base class methods from Dictionary is also available. In that case you get a Dictionary with a collection as the value.

Compatibility: .NET Version 4.0 or newer


The following sample code snippets show the usage of the CollectionDictionary class:

// Create a new instance
var dict = new CollectionDictionary<string, string>();

// Create a new instance from an existing Dictionary
var simpleDict = new Dictionary<string, int>();
var dict2 = new CollectionDictionary<string, int>(simpleDict);

// Add a new key with a value
dict.Add("Germany", "Berlin");
dict.Add("France", "Paris");
dict.Add("Italy", "Rome");

// Add more values to existing keys
dict.Add("Germany", "Munich");
dict.Add("Germany", "Cologne");
dict.AddRange("France", new[] { "Reims", "Marseille", "Toulouse" });

// Remove a key with all values (inherited from Dictionary)

// Remove a value
// (A key with no remaining values is automatically removed)
dict.RemoveValue("Germany", "Cologne");

// Get all values from an existing key
foreach (string city in dict["Germany"])

// Get all values from a key (existing or not)
foreach (string city in dict.GetValuesOrEmpty("Germany"))

// Get the number of keys and values
int keyCount = dict.Count;
int valueCount = dict.ValueCount;

// Search for a key (inherited from Dictionary)
bool countryExists = dict.Contains("France");

// Search for a value
bool cityExists = dict.ContainsValue("Marseille");


CollectionDictionary.cs7.7 KiBSource code of the CollectionDictionary class

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